Kathryn J. Fiorella


Our group aims to understand the interactions among environmental change and livelihood, food, and nutrition security. Our work is focused on global fisheries and the households that are reliant on the environment to access food and income. To understand health-environment dynamics, we draw from interdisciplinary methods and training in ecology, public health, economics and sociology. Our work aims to foster a deeper understanding of how ecological and social systems interact, the ways communities and households adapt to and mitigate environmental change, and the links between human well being and ecological sustainability. The challenges of addressing both persistent inequalities and unprecedented global environmental change drive our work in two central areas:

  • Effects of environmental change on food, livelihood, and nutrition security
  • Interactions of resource availability and access with social conflict and livelihood shocks

Our research in these areas includes global analyses and case studies. Much of our field work has focused in Kenya around the Lake Victoria fishery and rice field fisheries in Cambodia. Please see Research Projects for more information about ongoing work, and Opportunities for more information about how to join us!

CV Kathryn Fiorella