Foundations of Socio-Environmental Research: Legacy Readings with Commentaries

Edited by William R. Burnside, Simone Pulver, Kathryn J. Fiorella, Meghan L. Avolio, and Steven M. Alexander

We are thrilled to announce the publication in 2022 (available in the US in early 2023) of our edited volume Foundations of Socio-Environmental Research: Legacy Readings with Commentaries. A Forward is provided by Margaret Palmer and exceptional commentary comes from Patricia Balvanera, Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Baird Callicott, Richard York, and Emilio Moran.

This anthology convenes 53 foundational readings that showcase the rich history of socio-environmental research from the late 1700s onwards. The introduction orients readers to the topic and how it has evolved and describes how to best use the book. The original readings are organised into six sections, documenting the emergence of socio-environmental research, first as a shared concern and then as a topic of specific interest to anthropology and geography; economics, sociology and political science; ecology; ethics, religious studies, and history; and technology, energy, and materials. A noted scholar introduces each section, putting the readings into historical and intellectual context. The conclusion links the legacy readings to contemporary approaches to socio-environmental research and discusses how these links can enrich the reader’s understanding and work. Invaluable to students, instructors and researchers alike, this canonical reference illuminates underappreciated linkages across research domains and creates a shared basis for dialogue and collaboration.

  • Provides an informed history of socio-environmental research through legacy readings and expert commentaries
  • Can be used as the basis for graduate and advanced undergraduate courses in environmental and sustainability programs
  • Links the legacy readings to current approaches to socio-environmental research, providing students and scholars with a landscape view of past and present
  • Acts as a springboard for advancing collaborative research by providing deep insight and common grounding to establish shared conceptual frameworks and enable interdisciplinary scholarship

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