Ranaivo A. Rasolofoson

Ranaivo 1Ranaivo is interested in investigating the impacts of environmental programs and environmental changes on different human wellbeing and environmental outcomes. He has looked at the impacts of community forest management and protected areas on deforestation, economic, and subjective human well-being in Madagascar. He has also examined the links between forests, child nutrition, and health in developing countries. At Cornell, Ranaivo will explore links between fishery and child development in the areas around Lake Victoria, Kenya.


2016   PhD, Environmental and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2016   PhD, Forestry, Bangor University, UK

2011   MS, Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology, University of Maryland, USA

2007   BS, Wildlife Biology, University of Antananarivo, Madagascar


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2017   Luc Hoffmann Institute Fellow, WWF International

2012-2016    Forest and Nature for Society, Erasmus Mundus joint doctorate program, European Commission

2009-2011   Fulbright, USA Department of State

2009-2011   Fellowship from the University of Maryland